Last updated: 7.02.2019

Please read the Routine (“Routine”, “House Rules”) carefully before using the services provided by Meetinar.

Meetinar is co-working space established in Estonia, Tallinn. Meetinar is situated in:

  • Pärnu 54, Paide, Estonia.



  • Please use the Meetinar sites and its services taking into consideration the well-being of other persons on the sites.
  • Pets are welcome to the Meetinar if they are well behaved. Pets have to leave if any person in the Meetinar site has complains or a relevant allergy.
  • No illegal internet usage.
  • You may not: use the Hub as your business address or registered office; direct mail to the Meetinar; or use our staff to collect your mail, messages or take your calls.
  • The cameras in the Meetinar area are there to guarantee better safety for you and your belongings.
  • Please always clean up after yourself.


  • It is not allowed to make phone calls or talk loudly in the working zone. Please switch your phone to quiet mode and if you must answer a call in the working zone do it quietly and continue the call outside the working zone.
  • Please always keep your desk clean if you have finished working for the day. You are allowed to keep things in Meetinar if it is agreed upfront. But please don’t leave your items in places that might be inconvenient for others. Meetinar is not responsible for your personal belongings.
  • You are not allowed to reserve tables and chairs (e.g. by leaving papers, coats bags etc. on them) unless you have 30-day or longed pass.
  • You can’t drink alcohol or eat a meal in the working zone, please use the cafe-lounge area or visit the cafes suggested.
  • It is not allowed to smoke in the working zone.


  • Please do not try to fit to the room more than it can fit.
  • Use technical gadgets with care. If you need any help connecting gadgets ask for help from a Meetinar team member.
  • Use coffee- and water machines with care. If coffee-machine needs cleaning or water, proceed it only when you know how-to do it. Otherwise ask help from Meetinar team member.
  • Always shut down all the possible gadgets after using.
  • Please clean up after yourself. Meetinar is not responsible for any personal belongings.
  • It is not allowed to smoke in the meeting room zone.

If you have any questions regarding above, please contact us!